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Balatron-HUGINN & MUNINN [MethLab]

BALATRON returns to METHLAB RECORDINGS to debut the second single from of his upcoming IÐAVÖLLUR LP with a pair of titanic tracks–HUGINN // MUNINN. Following the release of SHOCK//STRAIGHT THUGGIN’ on the imprint earlier in the year, as well as the interceding release of the DAT SHII EP on Sublimate Records, BALATRON displays here his command of the uniquely powerful halftime sound that straddles both nostalgia and the bleeding edge, forward-facing of the subgenre that has become synonymous with his name. Each of the tracks within move with mythic poise at a vast scale, revealing a small but impactful slice of the sonic saga yet to come.

HUGINN’s portentous vocals shudder under their own weight, gaining traction as they deliver a single resounding verse, summoning a bassline that advances with glacial force alongside a flurry of slicing snares. MUNINN predicates itself upon a similar tenet of abundant low end frequencies, its grinding bass tinged with a ravenous hunger as jagged highs haunt the soundscape’s upper ranges with their cutting call.

With HUGINN//MUNINN, BALATRON has takes another step in recounting the full tale of IÐAVÖLLUR, issuing a pair of intimately connected tracks that serve as the omen for LP’s arrival at years end. Augmented via the increasingly advanced METHLAB RECORDINGS, the transmission is as effective as it is ruthless, delivering a resounding echo of the upcoming full project.

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Agressor Bunx- Death Meadow [Eatbrain]

The remnants of the great battle lay strewn as shreds across the meadow, the multi-faceted carcass of a climatic moment of a conflict long forgotten. The remains of those who had fought for their respective worthless causes now overshadowed by the bleak visage of fate. Legends spoke of the battle as the only one known to have occured with no victor. Each warrior slain on one side was said to be repaid by the death of his equal on the other, as though the melee was arbitrated by some unnatural force. At the battle’s termination there remained none but the two great leaders of the factions, who continued their personal onslaught through the strength of their intense hatred alone. Amongst the corpses of their compatriots they dueled, equally matched in both skill and fury and finally, equally they fell, each slipping his opponent’s guard in the same instant, as both felt their sword plunge through the other’s heart. The place was twice cursed it was told, once by the unnatural force that had presided over the slaughter, and once by the slaughter itself. Unlike most of their kind, these legends held truth, for this field was the lair of the malevolent AGRESSOR.

The being had lurked there from time immemorial, its existence a relic of a long forgotten age. Condemned to this waste for its timeless aggression, it had lingered on beyond the disappearance of its kind. Its hunger for anguish lured countless warriors to its meadow, their conflict a delectable feast for the spirit unseen. From each fallen fighter was riven its emotion, strengthening the being as it continued to feed. The magnitude of the battle had sated it for some time, and it would slumber again through multiple ages of man until that hunger arose once again… and when it did, the DEATH MEADOW would lure souls afresh.

AGRESSOR BUNX returns to the EATBRAIN label following the summer’s assault of the Massacre EP, with the release of the DEATH MEADOW EP. A five track EP featuring their characteristic subgenre spanning style, with DEATH MEADOW being a masterclass in the AGRESSOR BUNX sound. DEATH MEADOW’s ominous and cinematic atmosphere introduces the EP with grandeur alongside a rapid fire drumbeat, whilst the sinister saws of OFFENSIVE back its bassline fueled audio assault. PARARAMPAM provides a boisterous combo of sonics that amplify its rowdy atmosphere, and is followed by the roaring bass of STEP IT TO THE FRONT which struts with full funk fueled effect. TIME TO ROCK closes the EP with a fusion of styles, its neurofunk assault slowed to a heavy halftime pace before charging forwards to the finish. With DEATH MEADOW, AGRESSOR BUNX continue to exhibit their skills in creating their unique synthesis of disparate DNB sounds.

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Back to the Beat Volume 1 [Technique Recordings]

2018 has already seen a series of landmark releases from Technique Recordings, including No Concept’s “Weirdo” featuring D12’s Bizarre, their always-heavyweight summer compilation, and the monumental “Technique Goes to Let it Roll” EP. But, now, there’s yet another twist to the tale with “Back to the Beat Volume 1”.

This release compiles two tracks from artists fresh to the label. A string of big tunes, A-lister deejay support, and some powerhouse collaborations mean that the names Kursiva, Isaac Maya, and Exile will already be familiar to real DnB heads though.

On the opening proceedings, “Mexican Gang” sees the collision of Kursiva and Isaac Maya’s tech and jungle influences. And they’ve spawned a monster. From the first G-funk broken piano chords, moving through the gorgeous licks of Spanish guitar, the deft musicality shines through. And then the devastating scythe of bass drops to provide a savagely raw counterpoint. Simultaneously melodic and vicious, this is a tune that’s going to find a home in discerning selectors’ sets from all corners of the scene.

Then, Exile comes through with “Listen & Run”. There’s no time wasted as we’re thrown immediately into a dystopian soundscape, twisted and warped vocal samples melding with reconfigured percussion hits. Gut-churning low-end signals approaching menace, and, as the beat drops, the tune becomes an asylum of bassline madness. Ever-evolving bass modulations carve across the two-step beat, to create an elegant, neo-classic darkside roller. Everyone, whether jungle purist or jump-up skanker, is going to be feeling this one.

So, this release showcases the sound of three DnB artists hitting their prime. We’re hearing distinctive production voices paying homage to the foundations while still delivering ultra-contemporary dancefloor drum ‘n’ bass music. And, let’s not forget, this is only Volume 1 of “Back to the Beat”. There are many more chapters of this story left to tell, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming.

A. Kursiva & Isaac Maya – Mexican Gang
AA. Exile – Listen & Run

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Tapolsky & VovKING – The 2nd EP [Technique Recordings]

The first thing that strikes you about Tapolsky & VovKING’s new Technique Recordings EP is the title. The name “The 2nd EP” comes pre-loaded with expectations of a next step onwards. And, given that their last EP was the ground-breaking, not-quite-categorisable “Modern Innovations” four-tracker, we could be headed just about anywhere. So, what does the next step sound like?

“Talk to Me” wastes no time in delivering us into Tapolsky & VovKING’s strikingly individual sonic world. Euphorically melodic elements contrast with an unsettling glitchiness. And as the tune drops, the stark interplay between bass, drums, and synth-pizzicato is given depth and power by the stuttering and shifting rhythm of the modulations. This is altered state music, suited equally to early-hours raving and headphones-on intimacy.

The contrasts continue in “Cool ID”. The piano, plucked bass, and laid-back vocals of the intro seem to promise a simply silky liquid roll out, but we should know by now to expect the unexpected from these two producers. And you don’t get much more unexpected than the pitch-bent, twisted, artillery of riffs that they deploy to cut through the atmosphere. Unusual, and at the same time exhilarating, it’s a journey we haven’t quite been on before.

“Ledra” has its own share of surprises. Soulful chords and vocals immediately set the tone, but the next sixteen bars add some neuro seasoning into the mix. And then the drop offers even more revelations, as portamento and staccato touches of bass bounce off stripped-to-the-bone drums. And Tapolsky & VovKING still have more to show us, as the breakdown reconfigures into a head-nodding half-time section. For the mind as much as the rave, it’s yet another highly individual take on the DnB paradigm.

Finally, “Chase You Down” offers one more approach to vocal drum ‘n’ bass. And this one’s all about the rhythmic interplay between the beats and the bassline. Single-syllable lyrics match the off-balance juddering patterns as layers of percussion connects and disengages from the evolving low-end. Elements fall in and out of step with each other adding drama amid the sparseness. This is DnB made without reference to a formula.

To combine technical experimentation with emotion, and still end up with engaging and energising DnB music is an alchemy which eludes many. Tapolsky & VovKING seem to have made that synergy their primary focus, however, and they’re quickly building a discography of future-proofed drum ‘n’ bass science. So, can there be a next step beyond this? If anyone can find it, it’s these two guys.

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IHR- IKIGAI EP [Methlab]

Inward, Hanzo & Randie // Memory Check – Video Teaser from MethLab on Vimeo.

Italian Drum & Bass trio INWARD, HANZO, & RANDLE debut their newest EP “IKIGAI” on METHLAB RECORDINGS, featuring the specialized vocal timbres of THE SCIENCE. A rising sonic force in the DnB scene, INWARD, HANZO, & RANDLE have seen their tracks featured on labels such as Red Light Records, C4C Recordings and Blackout, continually exemplifying a raw but refined sound with their production. With IKIGAI, the trio continue to pursue this aesthetic whilst incorporating new and experimental approaches to sonics that install additional vivacity within their work. The resulting four track EP features hard charging tech dnb beats and halftime alongside soaring vocals, an effortless combination that creates a uniquely animated atmosphere on the dancefloor.

MEMORY CHECK opens the EP in full force as the impassioned cries of its soulful vocal echo amongst a syncopated salvo of kicks and neon bass, creating an air of fervent & energized desire. LIBERATE features the striking vocals of THE SCIENCE, which yearn for vibrance against a dystopian backdrop and above waves of reese bass, breaking upon powerful kickdrums in a malstrom of sonic force. SPACEFUNK’s cosmic atmosphere quickly intensifies as a funk fueled guitar riff sends its components rocketing forwards at breakneck pace, bringing the funk back to neurofunk. Its percussion and basses imbued with outlandish vitality by the frantic vibration of its steel strings. THE BITE moves by contrast in murky depths, but is soon transformed as its lumbering gait gains sinister weight with every beat, with percussion entwined by a serpentine bassline that moves divinely between impactful dynamic sonics.

IKIGAI shows INWARD, HANZO, & RANDLE in true form with four tracks that illuminate the trio’s singular dynamism, merging technical ability and creative prowess in a harmonious opus roiling with living energy. One of the most remarkable and rising talents in bass music, featuring on the relentlessly exploratory MethLab platform.

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