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Dushi - Love & Happiness Remix EP [Urban Wildlife]

New Release – Dushi – Love & Happiness Remix EP

Urban Wildlife double down on Dushi’s sensational ‘Love & Happiness’ with a remix EP, bringing on board three top-rate producers to spin the track in different directions.

‘Love & Happiness’ was introduced to the world on Urban Wildlife Vol 3 earlier this year, and proved such a hit for the German label that they have invited Smuskind, T:Base and Ly Da Buddah to get on remix duties and keep the momentum flowing.

Smuskind twists the original into a brooding half-timer, T:Base adds layers of liquid gold and Ly Da Buddah muddies things up with a minimal jump-up take straight out of the left field.

Listen below…

Ly Da Buddah:

Jaskin & Uneven - 'Woodlands'/'Lost Ends' [none60 Records]

New release – Jaskin & Uneven – ‘Woodlands’/’Lost Ends’

These are mighty exciting times at none60 HQ – hot on the heels of a new album from label bosses Silent Dust comes the label debut from Jaskin & Uneven, whose single ‘Woodlands’ / ‘Lost Ends’ gets very deep very quickly.

Rounded bass tones mask an undulating bassline on sub-workout opener ‘Woodlands’, which ramps up the menace without ever releasing the tension, before ‘Lost Ends’ lightens things with sparkling pad bursts and nimble amen cuts.

Listen below and head to none60’s bandcamp to buy.

Silent Dust - Listen to the Night [none60 Records]

New Release – Silent Dust – Listen to the Night

Silent Dust are back – seven years on from their self-titled debut LP, the duo behind none60 Records bring their lunar production to bear on their second full-length, Listen to the Night.

The record pushes far beyond the duo’s drum & bass roots – although tracks like ‘Another Sunlight’ show that they are a sturdy as ever – as the production pair explore mellow half-time (‘Waiting on You’), spacey future-bass (‘Myths’) and even ditch percussion altogether on the tranquil ‘Puppet’s Dream’.

Over half of the tracks feature guest vocalists, and it is here that the record takes on a new dimension entirely as Silent Dust race onto fresh terrain to give the man on the mic something fresh to get his teeth into, touching US hip-hop on ‘$$$’ ft Terror and mangling breaks for SelfSays on ‘No One Man’.

Head to to buy or listen below.

Chilling on the Couch .03 [Scientific Records]

New Release – Chilling on the Couch .03 [Scientific Records]

Scientific Records hits a quarter of a century with the third instalment in the Chilling on the Couch series.

The 25th release from the Dutch label pushes a heady mix of deep, atmospheric tracks orbiting around the outer reaches of drum & bass, featuring the likes of Brazilian legend Bungle, Scientific Records founder Mav and Microfunk Crew (Bop and Oak), who turn in a blissful remix of Naibu’s ‘Fighting for Attention’.

The Chilling on the Couch .03 LP dropped on 7 September – head to to buy, and listen below.



Lynx ft Master X - Deep Deadly [Detail Recordings]

New Release – Lynx ft Master X – ‘Deep Deadly’

Lynx winds it up into the red on latest track ‘Deep Deadly’, which with Master X on vocals is a drum & bass weapon crafted for the dancefloor.

Everything about ‘Deep Deadly’ is devastatingly simple – its two-note bassline and straight-up vocal are streamlined for maximum damage, and the result is a high-energy banger which will be clearing a space in sets across the scene.

Lynx explains “When writing the track and arranging it I wanted a song that DJs could splice their own favourite version of the track together. For exampled, you could re-edit the arrangement as a deep minimal DJ and lose the heavier sections. Or, if you prefer it to be a banger, you could lose the minimal parts.

“Or if you feel like it just loop the vocal and double drop your favourite tune over the top. It’s a very versatile DJ tool and a tune I think DJs will have loads of fun mixing.”

‘Deep Deadly’ is out now on Detail Recordings.