High Maintenance: Broken Pieces

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The first release of 2018 for Audioporn is a capitalisation of everything the imprint worked hard over throughout its previous year. From bringing forward some of the scene’s most defining new talents, as well as further pushing their title-place through releases from label head honcho Shimon, they’ve taken more of the spotlight.

For their next output they’ve drawn on the talents of High Maintenance, an artist who’s already carved himself a place within the Audioporn roster whilst becoming a pivotal part of its blossoming back catalogue. Having garnered support from a host of tastemakers, his slickly cut beats and carefully chiselled patterns of sound are recognised throughout the drum & bass community. However, it’s his explosive live sets which have also caught the attention of high-ranking producers such as Shimon, as his presence and energy behind the decks directly translates into every sonic cut he’s released on the veteran’s label.

The meticulously layered electronics of his forthcoming single ‘Broken Pieces’ lends itself to the softer side of High Maintenance’s production spectrum. Despite its vocal arpeggios and soft licks of bass, the track still oozes with impact through each wave of hard-lined drum skits. You’re slowly lulled into a false sense of security before the full weight of the record can be felt and by that time you’ve already sunken beneath its waves of musicality. The progression within his craft is clear; despite being highly regarded because of his skill set, he’s clearly moved onto another level, continuing to push his own personal boundaries within dance music. He also raises the bar for labels standing alongside Audioporn, putting down a firm example of just how much their platform has expanded in recent years. With artists like High Maintenance standing at the helm, the New Year is looking to be their most explosive yet.

‘Broken Pieces’ diversifies the Audioporn back catalogue whilst also providing yet another pedestal for High Maintenance to springboard from. Having worked diligently over the last twelve months, and at the same time touring, his dedication to the craft is beginning to pay off in dividends.

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