YouTube label NCS hits 1 million record sales regardless of free downloads

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YouTube label NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) has reached a unique milestone this month, racking over 1 million paid downloads on iTunes, alongside the free download option the label offers for every release. NCS makes its full catalogue available to Creators for use in their Youtube & Twitch content safe from infringement, developing a substantial following in the Vlogging, Gaming and Beauty communities as a result. The landmark total coincides with the album release ‘NCS Best of 2017’, re imagining standout releases from the labels year.

NCS is a UK based record label and music organization founded by Billy Woodford in 2011. Starting as a YouTube channel, the brand has rapidly grown into a global music brand and label with millions of listeners and over 13 million subscribers on YouTube today. NCS provides a platform for the next generation of electronic artists, representing a multitude of genres from House to Hardstyle via Trap, Drum & Bass, ElectroPop and more. NCS acts include the award-winning Cartoon, RetroVision Ash O’Connor, Unknown Brain and Alan Walker, who released the original recording of his number one multi-platinum hit ‘Faded’ on the NCS label.


“I’m immensely proud to have reached 1 million paid downloads, and believe this shows the growth and strength NCS has built over the years” states Founder of NCS, Billy Woodford. “The demand for fresh original music from Creators is enormous and growing daily. I believe the music we support on the label compliments all types of content, from the Make-up and Beauty community through to the Vlogging and Gaming world. The fans of these content creators from each community are discovering NCS Artists, and that is translating into traditional sales.”


NCS Director Graham Best adds: ‘NCS has always focused on our fans and creative community above all else, so to hit this landmark organically as an independent label is all the more rewarding. At a time when conventional wisdom says that paid downloads are becoming irrelevant, we’ve proved the value of letting fans choose how and where to support the Artists they love. ‘


Similar to services with a freemium model, NCS provides both the option to enjoy music for free but at the same time also enables fans to support the music across paid services.” says label manager of NCS, Daniel Lee. “We find that giving our music away for free means that we make it easier for creators to find and download music quickly for use in their content. Making it easier for those creators eventually leads to new audiences discovering the NCS music, which finally translates into more downloads, streams and has now led us to hit the milestone of 1 million record sales on iTunes.”



The milestone of 1 million record sales coincides with the celebrative moment of the label’s latest Album release ‘NCS Best of 2017’. Highlighting the best of electronic music in 2017, the album features tracks from some of the most exciting acts in dance music like RetroVision, Aero Chord and Culture Code. The NCS album contains no less then 10 exclusives like the rework of ‘Fearless’ by TULE and Christ Linton, ‘Holding You’ by the up and coming German act Unknown Brain and Spce CadeX feat. Max Landry and an astonishing remix by UK based act Culture Code of Halcyon’s ‘Runaway’.

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