Hybris, Proxima and NickBee remix Moby

Hybris, Proxima and NickBee remix Moby

Two Moby and the Void Pacific Choir tracks get the treatment from three drum & bass producers on More Fast Remixes About The Apocalypse.

(Czech Republic) twists ‘All The Hurts We Made’ inside out and slots precision-engineered beats underneath for a head spinning take on Moby’s original track.

Meanwhile (Ukraine) and Proxima (UK) take on ‘It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye’, the former chopping strings and vocals into an apocalyptic stomper and the latter pitching things down before thumping half-time takes over.

The tracks come from Moby’s Void Pacific Choir project which he launched in 2016, inspired by his love of 80s punk and new wave. They come from the most recent record, More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse.

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