Kung – Drink / Say Yeah

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Program has always prided itself in standing aside from its counterpart, showing an undeterred dedication to the drum & bass underground with each one of their releases. The sister-label of the twenty five year strong Ram Records, they have an intimidating legacy to live up to, although they’ve proven themselves by fastening a reputation through their technically sound output. And their next EP from Spanish maestro Kung presents why their own status has grown alongside their roots, providing a brand new, slick single which epitomise what Program stands for as an imprint.

‘Drink’ and ‘Say Yeah’ are tracks whose twisted mechanics lend them to the dancefloor, never failing to cause your aural senses to twitch with every beat rhythm. The meticulously honed grooves which are prevalent throughout ‘Drink’ slice through each one of its hard-hitting segments, with a melody which pulls you into a false sense of security before its snapping drop. Crackling bass stabs and pelting drums create the track’s skeleton, nodding to Kung’s aggressive sonic craftsmanship. Then comes ‘Say Yeah’, just as intricately layered but also thick with throbbing bass, despite its more intimidating backdrop. Carefully shaped samples are laid throughout the mix, manufacturing a tribal breakdown which filters across its entirety.

Program continues to pride itself on the talent brought into its roster, once again highlighting their roles as tastemakers. They’re moving into the New Year by providing another pedestal for up-and-coming talent, an undertaking which has delivered another seismic single for the imprint. Kung has not only defined himself within the Program back catalogue, but also drum & bass as a whole; its platform has provided a springboard for his developing weight.



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