Calyx & TeeBee – Crusade / Warpath

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For the final part of Calyx & Teebee’s ‘Let it Roll EP’, they’ve delivered a double-sided offering which features the final two tracks presented in the festival’s opening ceremony, after being asked to commit to such a colossal task and orchestrating an authoritative take on the drum & bass mecca’s dramatic introduction. And following the releases of ‘Immortal’ and ‘Shiver’, which have once again immersed you in the sounds which made Calyx & Teebee rise to prominence, both ‘Warpath’ and ‘Crusade’ bring the same relentless streamlined production, highlighting two more reasons why the duo were asked to do the honours.

‘Crusade’ is yet another undeniably huge record. As can be expected, its introduction is one of the most overbearing, drawing you towards the finish line with bleating instrumentals and crushing LFO bass. Each colossal break draws out a composition which is intimidating and meticulous, whilst still pushing forward a frenzied musical attack. As well as progressing into a dancefloor-felt hook, prepare to be doused in the world of Calyx & Teebee for yet another snippet of their ceremony, one that’s been constructed for over two decades.

And then we have ‘Warpath’ bringing four tracks of audio annihilation to the ultimate conclusion, a track which is reminiscent of Calyx & Teebee’s seminal ‘All or Nothing’ LP whilst still channelling their more contemporary, hard-hitting engineering. With quaking bass shivers, rolling layers of heavyweight drums and flurries of stabbing beats, they take you deep into the sonic abyss. ‘Warpath’ stretches out a soundscape filled with sharp, snapping metallics and throbbing layers of bass, the type to create a top line which submerges you deep within its mix. ‘Warpath’ draws out the epitomic blow… With their imprint Ram Records entering their twenty-fifth year and Let it Roll gearing up for an additional year of chaotic certainty, there’s still more to come from both the imprint, producers and drum & basses biggest global gathering.


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