Lifestyle Annual 2017

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To celebrate what they consider to be their strongest year to date, Lifestyle deliver with their first ever Annual release to see off the remarkable year they’ve had. Lifestyle Annual 2017 features a compilation of the best tracks from the last 12 months, alongside 8 brand new pieces from a range of fresh to existing artists to really top it off.

”We’ve recruited some great artists to show off their new work in the first of our album samplers, so make sure you’ve got a tea ready and sitting comfortably.

Spearheading the release, we have up and coming producer Dilemma showcasing ‘Aim Low’. After making a noise with their Skankandbass release earlier in the year, we’re loving this producers’ work at the moment and have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of them in 2018. Next up we have the bad boy Belgian duo M-zine & Scetpicz doing what they do best, laying down a moody offering in ‘Nudnik’. These two gave us one of our anthems this year in ‘Prescient’ and saw more of their own releases on Dispatch make serious waves. We’ve got more on the horizon from these guys which we’re very excited about, watch out.

After speaking with Markus ‘Wingz’ a lot over the past few years, we’ve got something special from him in addition to the release with his track ‘Blurred’. This guy’s certainly another producer you should be paying attention to if you haven’t already. Finally, following Unwell putting out the very successful ‘Perceptions’ with us earlier in 2017, he’s teamed up with fellow Kiwi Ingram to piece together the dark broody half time number ‘Nomad’. Vibes.

We hope you enjoy these tracks that have a bit more of a ‘techy’ edge and we’ll have the second album sampler coming for you very soon. Trust us, we ain’t holding back with that one!”

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