Beat Assassins – Procrasti-Nation Ft Eli (with Mob Tactics Remix)

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After a 3 month break Beat Assassins are back, all guns blazing!!! Procrasti-Nation sees Beat Assassins take a step back from the cheeky jump-up sound and move into the territory of a tearing rock-esque, full vocal drum & bass assault, with a slight political edge. When Eli pitched up to the studio to sing this track she was an angry woman with a strong message. The lyrics totally reflect her mood with the world right now dealing with the nonsensical way humanity treats it’s fellow man & woman. Essentially Procrasti-Nation is a song with a powerful message more so than a club banger.

But Beat Assassins know that a song is all well and good but the headz and the DJs need some traction if this beast is to be heard on the big rigs. Who better to turn to than one of the hottest names right now in drum n bass “Mob Tactics” who deliver the perfect remix. The opening bars alone immediately bring the drama as the intro builds spectacularly to a drop that rolls out the catchiest of leads and filthy bass rolls.

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