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After 10 years of writing and releasing music, Levela has spent the last 18 months putting together his first album project in the shape of the –GENESIS- LP.

-GENESIS- takes inspiration from all corners of the drum’n’bass scene and is interpreted in Levela’s unique and hard hitting manor of which listeners are a custom to. From the atmospheric and epic intros of “Koodana”, “Brobots” and “Concrete Walls” to the smooth and sultry vibes of “Equinox” and “I Keep Going (ft Kit Rice)”, this LP will have something to please any avid D’n’B fan. But of course this album has been curated by a long standing ‘jump up’ merchant so tracks like “Daydream”, “Dafuq” and “Cowabunga” are written with one thing in mind, dancefloor impact. Levela has also dabbled outside of the expected tempos and time signatures of D’n’B with “Ride On (ft Darrison)” and “The Abyss” where restrictions are lifted and experimental styles are at work.

Levela does what he does best and that’s providing an array of tracks for even the most eclectic of drum and bass heads with extreme precision. –GENESIS-, the head honchos seminal LP is here which happens to be Multi Function’s 100th release!

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