Anodyne Industries – Tears Glitter // The Altar

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With LCKD012, Lockjaw’s boutique and quietly pioneering imprint introduces the experimental, IDM-tinged sounds of ANODYNE INDUSTRIES to the label catalogue. With this finely crafted pair of tracks, AI weave between fields both melodic and concisely penetrative – designed for the conscious dancefloor.

TEARS GLITTER LIKE BROKEN GLASS is carried nostalgic plucked synths that bathe the aural canals in the hazy glow of a distant dystopia and a rolling autonomic attitude that rides on a cushion of fresh and airy bass. THE ALTAR. HIDEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL is cut from a different kind of cloth, with an overwhelmingly sinister but playful attitude bleeding from its synths, locked into an unusual buy highly effective syncopation with high effectiveness in making the dance ill. Locked Concept stakes an increasingly firmer claim to being one of Australia’s most forward-looking electronica labels, with its ruthlessly diverse but exquisitely-crafted output consistently surprising and beguiling. LCKD012 represents the latest in a line of distinctive cuts for the discerning listener.

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