Find Me – Robots / Floor Shaka

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Program continues to run in the same leagues as its twenty-five year strong sister label, although it’s the newcomers releasing on its imprint which have set it aside from its counterparts. And since their inception, they’ve sought out the very best by using an incredible A&R flex, singing music which has enabled the genre to stay true to its roots. Find Me’s forthcoming single on Program is a package which represents what Program has strove to do from the beginning. In both tracks, it’s clear to see that despite being a blossoming artist, his compositions are still as tight as more established heavyweights.

The double-sided record ‘Floor Shaka’ and ‘Robots’ is a seismic introduction into the repertoire Find Me has at his disposal. ‘Floor Shaka’ is an unapologetic descent into sonic madness, a track which commands your full attention and strips away any generics. The producer gradually crushes your senses beneath its weight, dragging you in further and further before his tinny bass stabs and curdling percussion attacks you from every angle. The energetic snippets of sample filter their way through the mix, becoming a call to arms which is set to light dancefloors ablaze.

‘Robots’ is just as ruthless, drawing forward on moody, lumbering atmospherics which lay out a darkly dystopian landscape. As the track builds on top of punching drums and eerily twisted mechanics, you’re manically ducked and dived between a jiving bassline. Find Me takes you on a sequenced ride moulded by chilling grooves, presenting himself as coveted artist amongst the baying tides of breaking producers.

With the help of its expert team, Find Me is here to make a debut on one of drum & basses most resounding underground labels. So once again… It’s time to get with the Program.

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