Roni Size & Reprazent to reissue ‘New Forms’ – the 1997 Mercury Music Prize Winning Album

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This November, New Forms by Roni Size & Reprazent celebrates its 20th anniversary with a deluxe 4CD / 2LP reissue. To commemorate this era-defining drum ‘n’ bass album, the package will feature a New Forms 20th anniversary live hardware mix programmed by Roni featuring previously unreleased remixes and re-edits, remixes from drum ‘n’ bass legends such as Grooverider, Source Direct and Krust (previously only released on vinyl) and the 2017 remaster of the original 2CD / LP.


One of the definitive electronic albums of the 90s, New Forms brought drum ‘n’ bass into the mainstream. Fighting off industry heavyweights including the Spice Girls, The Prodigy, Suede, Radiohead, Primal Scream and The Chemical Brothers, Roni Size & Reprazent won the 1997 Mercury Music Prize, going on to sell 300,000 units in the UK with its release on BBC Radio 1 DJ Gilles Peterson’s Talkin’ Loud records.


Reprazent were a Bristol-based collective brought together by Roni that included DJs Die, Suv and Krust as well as Dynamite MC and vocalist Onallee. Akin to their fellow Bristolians Massive Attack, they grew up on a diverse diet of influences including street soul, hip hop, electro, reggae and dub. They weaved elements of each with the new electronic sounds of jungle and break-beats to create drum ‘n’ bass – of which New Forms is one of the defining masterpieces.


20 years since being propelled into the mainstream, drum ‘n’ bass continues to thrive with artists including Chase and Status, Sigma, and Wilkinson dominating the charts, all of whom acknowledge Roni Size & Reprazent as forefathers of the scene. Whilst Grime, a genre with a similarly unique cultural heritage, enjoys its moment – it feels like perfect timing to honour New Forms as the seminal milestone in British music as it is.


This Autumn to further celebrate 20 years of New Forms, Roni Size will take his ground breaking audio-visual live show to Hospitality in the Park, London on Saturday 23rd September before widely touring throughout the world (full schedule TBA). Having debuted earlier this year at the Oval Space and since showcased at Moovin Festival and The Downs, the combined live instrument and hardware show features state of the art production and 3D effect projection mapping in the form of the ‘light box’; and marks the first time Roni has performed the Mercury Prize winning album ‘New Forms’ as a solo performer.


New Forms will be reissued 10th November, 2017.

New Forms Deluxe Reissue Track Listing




  1. Railing
  2. Brown paper bag
  3. New forms
  4. Let’s get it on
  5. Digital
  6. Matter of fact
  7. Mad cat
  8. Heroes
  9. Share the fall (Full vocal mix)
  10. Watching windows
  11. Beatbox
  12. Morse code
  13. Destination




  1. Intro
  2. Hi-potent
  3. Trust me
  4. Change my life
  5. Share the fall
  6. Down
  7. Jazz
  8. Hot stuff
  9. Ballet dance


  1. Electricks (B-side of Heroes)
  2. Western (B-side of Brown paper bag)
  3. Sounds fresh (Reasons for sharing EP)




  1. Brown paper bag (Roni Size full vocal remix)
  2. Heroes (Origin Unknown remix)
  3. Watching windows (DJ Die gnarly vocal mix)
  4. New forms (Krust’s wide screen version)
  5. Share the fall (Grooverider’s jeep style mix)
  6. Brown paper bag (Photek remix)
  7. Down (Bel Air remix)
  8. Heroes (Kruder’s long loose bossa)
  9. Watching windows (Roni Size meets Nuyorican Soul)
  10. Brown paper bag (Roni Size Sound is the music remix)




  1. Morse code 2017 remix
  2. Railing 2008 remix
  3. Brown paper bag 2017 remix
  4. New forms 2008 remix
  5. Let’s get it on 2017 remix
  6. Trust me 2017 remix + 2017 VIP remix
  7. Electrics 2017 remix
  8. Heroes Kruder’s long loose bossa + 1997 album version + 2008 remix
  9. Down 2017 re-edit
  10. Western 2017 remix
  11. Watching windows 1997 radio edit + 1997 instrumental + DJ Die gnarly instrumental mix
  12. Sounds fresh 2017 re-edit
  13. Digital 2008 remix
  14. Hold the front page
  15. Hi-potent 2017 re-edit
  16. Share the fall 2017 remix + Grooverider’s jeep style mix (Roni Size re-edit)
  17. Destination 2017 re-edit
  18. Share the fall (Full vocal mix) 2017 remix




A1 Railing

A2 Brown paper bag

A3 Heroes

A4 Matter of fact


B1 New forms

B2 Digital

B3 Watching windows




C1 Share the fall (Full vocal mix)

C2 Beatbox

C3 Trust me

C4 Destination


D1 Morse code

D2 Let’s get it on

D3 Change my life


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