Calyx & TeeBee – A Day That Never Comes (Break remix)

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Break and Calyx & Teebee – three drum & bass titans who are combining forces to deliver a monumental rework for the definitive Ram Records camp – one which will become a crucial part of its twenty five year history. After its initial release, ‘A Day That Never Comes’ crossed over the dark, guttural bass sounds which made Calyx & Teebee’s signature so recognisable with the more vocal focused end of their production spectrum. It stood as a signpost for their second LP on the Ram imprint ‘1×1’, which once again saw them take their production to an even higher climate.

Break re imagines ‘A Day That Never Comes’ and twists Larry Con’s husky, melodic vocals into a rolling undercurrent of pumping funk. The tightly-fashioned, clattering breaks moves through the composition Calyx & Teebee laid out before the remix was delivered, pumping through every layer to build the track piece by piece. The merging of Break and Calyx & Teebee had delivered a heavyweight formula, one which showcases the undisputable reputation of all three artists.

Together with Ram Records, prepare to be brought into an engineering which has continuously set a standard for quarter of a century. Whether it’s the label or the artists who’ve helped make it such a renowned entity within drum & bass, all three parties continuously push boundaries with every earth shattering release.

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