The Science – The Sea and I EP (Official Video by Denial of Service)

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METHLAB introduce a slice of haunting vocal electronica in the form Bulgarian collective THE SCIENCE, delivering THE SEA AND I EP – a triage of ultra-refined sonic narratives that introduce the other-worldly vocals of VIARA POPOVA, a singer with a unique tone reminiscent of Bjork but utterly distinct, to the international scene to illustrate an awe-inspiring world of darkly tinged elegance.


Title track – The Sea and I – is paired with an official video featuring the acclaimed visual arts and custom neural networks of the inimitable DENIAL OF SERVICE. Heavily inspired by the wild and raw coast of Bulgaria that’s at once incredible beautiful but enshrouded in nature’s violence, as well as drawing reference to the vast sea of information that has us within its grasp, intensely connecting us as a species at the same time as isolating us as individuals.  The second track ‘W’ elicits a sullen noir environment with suppressed growling bass and atmospheric keys that at once beguile and captivate. ‘Sonyo’ completes the EP, a track with its roots in Bulgarian folk music but that recalls strains of the operatic original Ghost in the Shell soundtrack in its reimagining, issuing a work of sonic beauty that straddles the past and the future immaculately.

The Science | the Sea and I (official video) from denial of service on Vimeo.


With The Sea and I, MethLab take a further step in broadening the sound of the label whilst retaining utter dedication to quality of ideas and level of production to introduce a fresh and compelling act with The Science. The result is a timeless release that’s destined to capture the ears of many across the Summer months and wrap them in its soft but stark grasp. True to the exploratory sonic machinations of the label, a set of remixes will follow from artists including Hecq (Ben Lukas Boysen), Trifonic, Woulg, Lockjaw, Ghost of 3.13 & Piksel, covering a wide but consistent genre selection.




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