Frederic Robinson – Live In Prague

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Frederic Robinson’s an enigma of the dance music world, blending jazz, world music and modern classical into his own interpretation of drum & bass. In 2016 he presented the incredibly inventive ‘Flea Waltz’ LP, which has lead to him taking his imaginative live show all over the world. His live setup gives the freedom to experiment with every performance, meaning no two are quite the same. It was in Prague’s prestigious Palác Akropolis that his latest live transformation was captured recorded as the five-track ‘Live In Prague’ EP.

“My live set-up consists of a keyboard, two analogue synthesizers – Moog Minitaur and Vermona Mono Lancet, Launchpad and Launch control midi controllers and a re-configured graphics tablet. These are all combined using Ableton Live with additional custom software in Max for Live. The keyboard has different instrument combinations for the bass-piano, bass-softsynth etc. and with the graphics tablet I create drum edits and control FX on the drum track.”

The addition of Lily Juniper’s angelic vocal performance makes the perfect accompaniment to Robinson’s ethereal beats. Included in the ‘Live In Prague’ EP are four recreated album tracks plus one of his newest creations ‘Trickle’.

Catch Frederic Robinson this summer at drum & bass hotspots Let It Roll and Hospitality In The Park, as well as Austria’s Audioriver Festival and Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival in Poland.


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