Brain Crisis: My Dream

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The violent mechanisms of Impact Music are continuing to turn; a new school drum & bass label who are inspiring both long-standing contributors to the scene and its upcoming stalwarts, they’ve continued to impress with their unparalleled release schedule. And the Russian bass creator Pavel Khudyakov, also known as Brain Crisis, makes a welcome addition to their already intimidating roster. Having graced the discographies of labels Subtitles and Citrus Recordings, Brain Crisis unleashes three fresh new tracks in the form of his ‘My Dream EP’. He’s an artist who’s already received support from the likes of Phace, The Upbeats, Rockwell, Ulterior Motive, Andy C and many more key individuals across the wider realm, becoming a staple part of their darker sets. The ‘My Dream EP’ presents music of the same calibre. It’s an unapologetic, cut throat rendition of the capabilities Brain Crisis has nurtured in his studio.



Title-track ‘My Dream’ draws out the raw power displayed across his productions. Fashioned with a fierce attention to detail, the technical pioneer throws break after break of crashing chaotic sound, never once allowing you to catch your breath amongst its anarchy. Each swathe of bass pulls you beneath the record’s depths, capsizing you in meticulous composition. ‘Paralel’ featuring Dub Head channels the same unbridled animosity, although with a tightly-knit groove which is undeniably catchy. Grasping you between each layer, its disjointed rhythm sends every nerve twitching, a detonating cut which will have a fearsome command over clubs globally. Dub Head moves forward with his entrenched, subterranean vibes, never missing a beat with a down-and-dirty allure. Together, they present a combination of technical ability and dancefloor appeal – giving a versatile edge to the EP’s track listing.
‘Acid Addiction’ brings the EP to a close, with an intro that creeps between waves of static noise and guttural mechanics. A lumbering, towering concoction of bass and faded samples, Brain Crisis goes towards the minimalist side of musical repertoire. It’s a juxtaposition against his heavier outputs of both ‘My Dream’ and ‘Paralel’, although it still holds true to his gyrating, formidable signature. The EP nods to the range of aptitude available within not just his studio, but also his mind. And the ‘My Dream EP’ will continue to seep this into every late-night set.


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