Sinistarr, Kiat, Kabuki, Homesick - Rogue Style 1 EP

New Release – Sinistarr, Kiat, Kabuki, Homesick – Rogue Style 1 EP

Four acclaimed producers from across the globe have joined forces to craft an international homage to b-boy culture, where breakbeat and breakdance collide.

With tracks from (USA), Kiat (Singapore), (Germany) and (Canada), the Rogue Style 1 EP shows how shared hip-hop roots can blossom into very different beasts – Kiat’s ‘It’s Yours’, featuring Klose, is a feisty drum & bass cut while elsewhere heavyweight footwork is the order of the day.

For all four producers this is a particularly special project, with b-boy culture close to all of their hearts. Sinistarr said: “As a teenager I grew up as a b-boy, dancing anywhere I could: schools, parks, festivals, you name it, my crew was there with cardboard and a speaker.”

Kiat said: “Hip Hop has taught me to keep evolving, to explore new forms in all my art. Progression is the key to evolution.”

Kabuki said: “B-boy culture has always been a strong influence on how I pursued my art, mainly because of its DIY ethos and attitude of perfecting your craft. Incidentally these were also the aspects that drew me to Jungle when I first discovered it in the nineties.”

Homesick said: “I was only a child in the 90s and as a result I feel like my understanding of b-boy culture was experienced second hand thanks to 90s/early 2000s hip hop music. I appreciate the parallels I can see with footwork culture, particularly the similarities to the community mentality of break dancing.”

The record is out now on Leipzig-based label Defrostatica Records – pick it up at and listen here.


A1 Sinistarr – Yo Speakerz (feat. Detroit’s Filthiest)
A2 Kiat – Visual (feat. Klose)
B1 Kabuki – South Bronx Subway Riddim
B2 HomeSick – Mass Appeal

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