Warm Ears Music announces full anniversary line-up: Phil Tangent, Paul T and Edward Oberon, Artificial Intelligence and more

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One of London’s youngest drum and bass labels, is excited to announce the complete line-up for the 1 year anniversary on 1st of July, 2017. Phil Tangent (Soul:R), Paul T and Edward Oberon (Liquid V) and Artificial Intelligence (Metalheadz) will take the spotlight for the event. Alongside them, our Warm Ears family and friends, including Elementrix, Re-Adjust, September, D.E.D, PD Overt1 and Mozey, will take the lead for the rest of the evening. The event will take place at Bar512, in Dalston Junction, London.

”We are both happy and excited about the turnout of this first year of Warm Ears and it only fuelled our motivation. We got great feedback from the producers and DJs who worked with us or joined us at one of our events, and as well from drum and bass heads around the world who appreciate what we’re doing. We would like to thank everyone for this ongoing support.” said Gabriel Cernea, Founder of Warm Ears Music.

The Warm Ears family has slowly but steadily grown this past year. With releases from Radicall, September, Re-Adjust or Crimelabs, the label has been quick in making a name for itself in the scene. Since an army is greater than a warrior, earlier in 2017, Darren Dedman aka D.E.D and Petter Matthews known as PD, teamed up with Gabriel.

“We found ourselves and our ideas in what Warm Ears Music is and does. We really wanted to support the drum and bass scene more, and we found this to be the perfect way to do it.” adedd Darren Dedman and Petter Matthews, Co-owners Warm Ears Music.

With new releases in the oven and a series of livestreams featuring iconic drum and bass names, Warm Ears is just at the beginning of its journey.

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About Warm Ears Music

Warm Ears Music is how we envisioned our craving for drum and bass, our itch to bring quality sound to people and our urge to contribute to the scene which has shaped so many of us.

Our game plan has 3 major focuses:

  1. Bringing rising DJs upfront. We understand the scramble you’re dealing with, newcomers! Embracing the idea that there is so much good music out there that might not get a chance to be raved to properly, we want to be an active player in bringing it closer to the ears.
  2. Putting together events for people who still go to parties for the sake of music. We all know that with drum and bass it’s ‘you either feel it and love it, or you don’t’, and we feel we have to give something back to those who do.
  3. Offering our on-going support to the drum and bass scene. Quoting Kasra, it’s safe to say that ‘drum & bass still feels like the bastard child of dance music and the underground side never gets the respect it deserves’, which is exactly why we are going over and beyond to promoting the energy and soulfulness of liquid, as well as the biting basslines of dark.

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