Marvellous Cain feat. Cutty Ranks – The HitMan Remix

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‘The Hitman’ from Marvellous Cain and Cutty Ranks is a record that has set alight dancefloors even before it was nominated for the Best Single of 2016 at the We Love Jungle Awards. Having made itself home in sets across the globe, it’s a proven its longevity as a successful dancefloor anthem, becoming a staple part of last year’s summer. And for 2017, record label Yard Rock are due to follow up this achievement with a host of remixes. Having helped innovate the drum & bass genre, it’s no surprise that both Marvellous Cain and Yard Rock show some serious A&R might alongside the artists they’ve enlisted to give the original a rework. With the tempos switched and diced, each producer carries their individual signature to provide an album sampler of an impeccable standard.

T>I takes the level even deeper for his remix, transporting the bass to subterranean levels and allowing every note to pull you down even further. This track has already been making the rounds on the club circuit recently, becoming an essential fixture in sets across every drum & bass subgenre. Next to bring the heat is Benny V and Halcyon, dragging you through a host of crashing breaks and sliced up samples. A round of bass-lead distortion highlights each cut, presenting a clever twist on the original whilst keeping its skeleton intact.

Bringing his VIP is Dialect n’ Kosine, with waif-like, brooding atmospherics slipping through the mix. He continues to push the driving, jungle drums, paying homage to its predecessor whilst creating an eerie edge. It’s clear to see why the founder of record label Jungle Alliance Recordings was brought on board to provide his take, upholding the same standards but giving it an extra dimension for a moodier climax in the clubs. And drawing the sampler to a close is Adam Prescott’s remix, slowing down the tempo and drawing out its more reggae infused roots. The track is a lumbering, melodic burner which utilises the same ragga-like vocals whilst taking you down a completely different vibe. It shows the variety recruited for the forthcoming remix package, a range of tracks which uphold the ethos of the original but platforming an even wider range of talent.


Juno Exc: 25th May

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