New Release – 81:94 FX Remixes [Delta9 Recordings]

With a weapon as deadly as ’s ’81:94 FX’ on their hands, Delta9 has done what any responsible label would do – released a bundle of eight huge remixes.

Featuring some of the German label’s favourite producers, the already powerful track is chopped and changed into various new shapes to complete the From The Streets project.

An utterly uncompromising neurofunk take comes from Italian producer Merikan, while his countryman takes the track down a psychotic wormhole. Croatian duo  pile on the bassweight, while the remix from German project Instinkt has won radio support from Noisia. Check out the full tracklist and listen below.

  1. 81:94 FX (Merikan Remix)
  2. 81:94 FX (Kodin & Logics Remix)
  3. 81:94 FX (Instinkt Remix)
  4. 81:94 FX (Neve Remix)
  5. 81:94 FX (Stoner Remix)
  6. 81:94 FX (Lifesize MC vocal version)
  7. 81:94 FX (Lower Bass Remix)
  8. 81:94 FX (Ephyum Remix)

Get the record at the Delta9 website –

And for a reminder of the original, listen here

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