Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Synergy EP

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The ‘Synergy EP’ is 4 tracks of concise, stripped back, mature and soulful music that bumps. Perez and Spectrasoul have recently formed their own imprints, and as a celebration of this, the Synergy EP is a joint release between the artists’ labels – ‘Ish Chat Music’ (Spectrasoul), and ‘1985 Music’ (Alix Perez). There is a limited run of 100 x ‘Sunken Heart’ posters available for those who buy the vinyl from either the 1985 Music or Ish Chat Music Bandcamp pages (50 from each).

Release Date – 28th April 2017


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Ish Chat Music

Alix Perez & 1985 Music:

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