The only festival you need to attend this year

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The only festival you need to attend this year

By Pedro Jacob


It didn’t start off very well.


Let me set the scene for you.


End of July, the sun is high in the sky and the excitement is palpable.


About 30 twenty-something-year-olds crammed in a bus that started its journey in Huddersfield, heading south as it picked up ravers from all walks of life who had only one thing in mind – the leviathan drum and bass festival also known as Let It Roll.


Apart from the obvious, a few other things united us. An unwillingness to pay for the comfort of a flight to Prague, a natural predisposition towards getting the party started a day before everyone else and a loose interpretation of EU customs regulations.


As we were picked up at a service station in Edgware, the bus was already running 4 hours late since the tour organiser had been arrested before the journey had even begun, in what was communicated to us by his girlfriend as a civil protest-related kerfuffle – more on that towards the end of this post.


Spirits were high despite the delay and, as the bus weaved its way through central Europe towards Prague, the excitement was steadily rising to the point we could no longer contain ourselves. If our trip was a set, we were definitely getting to the drop.


After a couple of hours of circling the venue in what would have been a hilarious reenactment of every couple lost on a road trip if not for the very pressing desire to have my ear drums blasted out through my eyes by a world-class sound system, our bus drivers finally got us to our destination.


It was like letting a bunch of kids into a magical theme park.


In the haze that only a three-day rave can deliver, we explored sonic orgasms from the most basic tents to the most impressive stages, including the legendary Factory stage and the iconic LiR robot which makes up the main stage.


The aftermovie will give you a much better taste of what to expect than any personal account of mine.


From the fast breakbeats and pounding basslines of the classics like Andy C, Friction and Spor to the brain-melting sounds of Eatbrain’s neurofunk stage without forgetting the mellifluous liquid sounds provided by the likes of Etherwood & Hybrid Minds there was something in it for everyone.


With the famous opening show setting the tone, you stomp the floor for three days while you smile from ear to ear and thank the lucky stars you are there to enjoy it.


It’s only when the very last DJ leaves the decks and you’re left with the looming prospect of a 30-hour coach trip back to London, that you fully comprehend what you’ve just experienced.


It is unfair to mention some names like I did above but these were the ones that were stuck in my mind after my first experience in 2015. I went again in 2016, I’ll go again in 2017 and I can’t see myself anywhere else at the start of August for the foreseeable future.


Let It Roll presents a rich tapestry of drum and bass and all of its sub-genres and delivers a celebration of euphoric raving matched by no other festival.


I almost forgot to let you know what happened to the tour organiser.


We turned on our phones as soon as we crossed the channel to found out that the guy who essentially had made our epic weekend possible had been arrested on the lovely charge of violating his probation.


Turns out he couldn’t leave the country after he spent 14 years in prison as punishment for raping and killing a teenage boy.


Needless to say, I was extremely thankful for my beard as I perused the young faces that surrounded me.


The things we’ll do for an epic rave…


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