DANNY WHEELER – Spread Your Wings EP

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West London’s infamous D&B scene veteran Danny Wheeler steps out for 2017 with the enormous funk-ridden ‘Spread Your Wings EP’. Digging heavily into his collection of classic funk & soul, the results are smile-inducing, good time party music.

“This is soulful Drum & Bass for the connoisseurs. In life we grow and continue to grow from our roots, deep entrenched. That is the message I am trying to convey in the musical semantics here. I make music that I want to dance to and try to keep it simple and keep it funky.

After I released my album ‘Magnetise’ last year and having collaborated with my friends, I wanted to continue to showcase my ability to make head nodding Soul music.



My manager hooked me with a couple of remixes for Julian Marley (forthcoming on my label) and then the team encouraged me to release a series of EP’s which I will be doing this year. This is the first one in that series and hope you all enjoy!” Danny Wheeler 2017


Released March 10, 2017 on W10 Records

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