KOVEN Release Lasting Pt.2 Viper Recordings

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Back in July 2015, talented duo Koven released the monumentally successful ‘Sometimes We Are’ on Viper Recordings. After taking a break to release with Monstercat in the US, Koven are back in full force with the first single off their new Retrospective Compilation Album ‘Lasting Part II’. The new album will reflect back on the works of Koven over the past half a decade, breathing new light into some of the duo’s most acclaimed records as well as 5 new exclusives and some of their most successful remixes. The Retrospective Compilation Album is being accompanied by a 4-week Australian and New Zealand tour as well as a string of key European dates.

‘Lasting Part II’ picks up where Koven last left off, revisiting the final act from the ‘Sometimes We Are EP’ and kick-starting a new chapter in their journey. Once again transforming dubstep as we know it, Katie and Max are taking this epic orchestral piece to the dance floor with a total bass overhaul.








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