Jam Thieves Top Ten Playaz Tracks

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Ahead of their brand new Album ‘Hackers‘ on Playaz, Jam Theives stopped by to give us their top ten all time favorite Playaz tracks. Enjoy!

DJ Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll >> Rewind in all places that we play

DJ Hazard – Mr Happy >> People make a lot of noise because of this tune

G Dub – Tink Ya Bad >> Killa tune, we love dropping this

DJ Hazard – Time Tripping >> Our style of music… BIG ROLLERS

DJ Hype – Out For The Loot >> School for us

DJ Hazard – Machete >> Perfect sample, killa beat and rewind in all places also

Potential Badboy – You’re Mine >> Classic of the drum n bass, amazing vocal

DJ Hazard – Air Guitar >> This song is like a war tank


Bass Brothers – A Little Mad >> Awesome quality of music, clear sample

Hackers by Jam Thieves is out on 30th January and is available to pre order here

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