Brian Brainstorm and 2017

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Brian Brainstorm is hot on everyones lips at the moment in the jungle world… and we’re about to tell you why!

Missrepresent has taken some time out to do some more investigation work… prying on another young jungist’s life

Q: Thanks for your time out!! Can you go back to how it all started for you and how you found jungle and drum and bass?
A: My first contact with Jungle was in the late 90s when “Circles” by Adam F was played on the radio. I was about 12 years old but really liked that kinda vibes and started using my pocket-money to buy some records by Adam F, LTJ Bukem and Roni Size. But then I fell in love with Hip-Hop… After many years I rediscovered Drum & Bass on an outdoor rave. The DJ played a lot of Jungle records and the vibe was overwhelming. From this night on my heart beat is 175 beats per minute.
Q: Why the name Brian Brainstorm?
A: To be honest I really don’t know. 😀 Probably just because I was brainstorming to find an alias for this Drum & Bass project and thought it was cool to use an alliteration. Now I know sometimes it can be difficult for promoters to design a flyer with such a long name. 😀 Apart from the fact that something like “Brian Storm” would probably be much more catchy. 😀
Q: You were nominated for “Best Breakthrough Jungle DJ & Best Breakthrough Jungle Producer” this year, you must be super stoked?
A: I absolutely am. It’s a great honour for me to be nominated in these categories along great artists like Fleck, Jinx, K-Jah and more. I don’t claim to win one of those awards. But it’s definitely a good thing to vote just to support the international Jungle scene and the guys at We Love Jungle.
Q: What DAW are you producing on at the moment?
A: FL Studio 12. I’ve always worked with FL.
Q: If I gave you £10,000 to spend on studio equipment what would you buy and why?
A: 10,000?? I’d probably rent a small studio just to have seperate places to work and live. And i’d build a booth for vocalists. Although I’m known for using a lot of shouts from Jamaican soundclash recordings and movies it would be awesome to invite some vocalists and record some customised vocals in my own studio… Plus i’d just upgrade my existing equipement.
Q: You worked with Kenny Ken around 2014, with releases such as “Shock Out / Soundbwoi Killa” on Mix & Blen. How did that link up come about and any plans for more in the future?
A: In 2013 a friend of mine and a veteran of the german Drum & Bass scene, Judge D, sent a few of my tunes to Kenny and a few weeks later I received a message by Kenny himself who asked me for my number to speak about an release on his label. This single release was very important for my career. Last year I finally had the chance to meet Kenny in person. He is such a nice guy and definitely a role model for me. Although he doesn’t release music very often on Mix & Blen I’m pretty sure we’ll work together again soon.
Q: You’re working with Erik (Liondub International) since 2015 and have had far 2 EP’s, 2 tunes (Jungle To The World Vol. 2 compilation) and a few remixes (for Numa Crew, Navigator & more) on his label. I know you have had some support from him can you expand on that?
A: I think Erik took notice of my work for the first time as he reveiced the Mix & Blen promo. He contacted me and I instantly started working on my first EP. Thanks to his and Marcus Visionary’s professionalism all those releases in the last 2 years really helped me to step my game up a lot. Some of the biggest Jungle and Drum & Bass DJs now support my music because Erik & Marcus put so much energy into promoting my releases. Both EP’s reached chart position No. 2 on Juno Download and No. 1 on Track It Down, my remix of Numa Crew’s “Impossible” and “Big Tune” ft. Ricky Tuff even hit the Beatport Top 40 for a few weeks. I’m really happy I’ve found a very well-known label which always stands behind me. I’m currently working on my next EP.
Q: And you have had some involvement with Technique recordings?
A: Yeah, in 2015 Simon Bassline Smith asked me to send him some tunes. It was pretty much the same situation like with Kenny. I was totally excited that he hit me up and I knew beeing involved in a release on Technique Recordings would be a very important milestone for me that I shouldn’t miss out. In 2015 and 2016 I got featured on their Technique Summer LP’s (“Pon Di Streets” & “Badman Selector”) and I just finished some brand-new material for the next one.
Q: BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra have also been giving you a lot of support?!
A: I wouldn’t say “a lot” but yeah, a few years ago Etherwood unexpectedly played my tune “Hand Inna Di Air” in his guest mix for Friction’s show (which was actually the moment when Simon took notice of my work for the first time) And due to Liondub’s and Technique’s substantial influence on the market my tunes got played by TC, Mistajam and Annie Nightingale over the last years. It’s such a great feeling to hear your own tunes on Radio 1 or 1xtra. Especially when you’re just listening to Annie Nightingale like you do every week and suddenly she plays your new tune. Amazing!
Q: So where has been your favourite place to play in the UK so far?
A: I played my UK debut last year at a Sub-Woofah night in Manchester. That was such a wicked night, I really enjoyed my time. Actually I couldn’t believe that the Manchester junglists know all my tunes, even the unreleased ones I only played in studio or radio mixes before. Lovely vibes, lovely people!
Q: Is there much going on in your hometown?
A: Yeah, the Drum & Bass scene in Cologne is pretty strong. We’ve got some very promising talents like VOID who recently released 2 EP’s on Radar Records, SUBMARINE who’s had releases on Demand Records and Cyberfunk, but there are also veterans based in Cologne like THE GREEN MAN who runs Basswerk Recordings and produces for Dread, Santorin & Sudden Def. The list of talented producers goes on and on. If you’re looking for good Drum & Bass events in Cologne, you’ll be spoilt for choice aswell: Promoters like Play!, Requiem, Pathfinder, D:Frnt and Bassliebe run well-organised all-nighters regulary with great bookings. There’s something to suit all tastes. From Neuro to Jump Up to Jungle.
Q: You played in France last year…. how was it and do you speak any French?
A: It was fun! I played alongside Ganja White Night and the french ravers are totally into Dubstep. They went mental. 😀 After two hours of Dubstep I entered the stage and played my usual mixture of Jungle and Jump Up and I think they loved it! It was just the right time to switch up the tempo. I was really happy to see that I’ve got some fans in France. Big up the Paris crew! But no, I don’t speak any french. I mean I know a few words and sentences but thats’s definitely x-rated. 😉
Q: Have you played anywhere else in Europe yet?
A: Yeah, back in 2014 on an outdoor rave in Tenerife. Back 2 back with Ricky Tuff. That was insane!
Q: You played at a UKF event too…. was it a good turn out? (Maybe mention venue size / crowd numbers)
A: Yeah, this one was definitely an important experience. Aswell as the Let It Roll On Tour event I played last year. I mean there’s a difference between playing in a small club with 200 people and in a big venue in front of a few thousand ravers. The promoter who organised both events is also based in Cologne and I have to say big up for constantly booking local artists like me for events like this.
Q: And you have some exciting news for us from the Serial Killaz camp?
A: Yeah, they doing a label compilation this year and 2 new tunes by my humble self will be featured! Really looking forward to this release.
Q: So what else is up for you in the next 12 months?
A: I’m pretty excited to see what 2017 has in store. At the moment I’m moving into another place and I’m gonna invest more time to produce new music, especially for Liondub International. Also I’m really looking forward to play my next UK gig at the Junglism event in Edinburgh on February 3rd. Also I’ve got a few more already confirmed gigs this year in Brunswick, Berlin and other german cities and there are a few releases in the pipeline on Type G Audio, Ghetto Dub and a new brand-new label from Berlin called Higher Ground Recordings.
Q: And if I see you at the bar what are you drinking?
A: Oh, I really hope to meet you at the bar someday, would be a pleasure! I’m really into long drinks so I’d say let’s have a Cuba Libre. 🙂
Q: Any shouts and thanks?
A: Yeah, I’d like to give a big shout to my homeboys from Cologne, especially the Bassliebe crew. When I started DJing 5 years ago, I became a resident at their events and thanks to all the experiences I made in the first few years I was able to develop my own style very quickly. They really helped me to push things forward. Also I’d like to thank all the people I met over the last years who supported me. But there’s one very special person in my life who’s support in literally everything I did but especially the music thing has always been the most important. Without this kinda support I wouldn’t be there where I am today. I’m infinetely greatful for that.
Thank you for your time and all the best for 2017 and beyond!!

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