The Force

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As the XLJ saying goes: “Inside every arichnibot beats the heart of a true warrior of the dance”

And for the first time the true form of The Force is revealed inside his indestructible metallic shell.

Re-armed for solo action after his service with the XLJ he bravely ventures forth to the perilous Field of Vibrations… Sold My Soul To The Devil is first up and explains a lot about how the The Force got the skills he owns! Mighty drum work and an ethereal vocal set down the foundation for a low end explosion of phenomenal resonant bass.

Despite a sublime and celestial vibe, this hard stepper is guaranteed to have meteoric impact on any dance floor ! The title track “Field of Vibrations” is a mind bending blend of low frequency textures and twisted mid-range leads, topped off with crisp drumwork and a no-nonsense attitude! A showcase of different sounds that all fuse together to form a heavyweight cosmic stepper! Looking For Trouble? Best not be, because this one is a prime example of the magnitude of The Force’s production skills.

A planet busting earthquake of a track that takes rolling bass engineering to a whole new level. Last but certainly not least, Kick The Flow takes pitch perfect sampling and heavyweight percussion to create a stepping juggernaut of a track that takes no prisoners. Galactic villains better watch out for this secret weapon! With a universal appeal It shape shifts to blend with jump up, rollers and steppers alike and ultimately smash up the dance.

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