Filthy by name…

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2016 has been another successful year for G13 with various notable releases and Rowney & Propz have selected a massive EP to finish the year off with a bang by the likes of Filthy Habits! The ‘Filthy By Name, Filthy By Nature’ EP is a worthy title when you hear this versatile piece of work!

The rout begins with the devilish ‘Artificial intelligence’ with its screaming leads and deep rolling subs, evolving into a monstrous rolling jump up riddim!

‘1.17 am’ moves stealthily in with a film score drone intro before unleashing with dark stabs and a rattling sharp dagger of a lead that slices you to threads! Vicious!

We take a short break as Filthy Habits show their soulful side with vocal deep bass roller ‘Believe’ with its tasty pianos, intricate percussion and funky drums, pure definition of a classy roller.

The lads bring their good mate Jeopardize into the studio for the LFO frenzy of ‘Retaliation’, another creepy intro leading into a violent drop with tough beats and switches, a big club smasher!

‘Yeah’ is a suiting collaboration with Ironlung, using all of their trademark sounds to create a powerful dancefloor bomb packed with energy, instant rewind business!

To complete this EP of production brilliance we have ‘Eruption’, a slick rolling jumpup anthem with a catchy hook that will get the heads bopping and DJs worldwide chopping and blending, the perfect tool to smash the dancefloor!

Filthy Habits are the ones to watch in 2017, mark our words!



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