Cakewalk Announces The Big Book of SONAR Tips

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Cakewalk, dedicated to powerful and thoughtfully designed software for modern musicians, announces a new book from audio expert and renowned author Craig Anderton—The Big Book of SONAR Tips. The intuitively illustrated eBook features over 300 pages covering a wide range of subjects including MIDI, loops, step sequencing and beats, workflow, signal processing and DSP, FX chains, AudioSnap, patch points, synth recording, Melodyne, automation, control surfaces, colorization, pitch shifting, and more.


The book consolidates, updates, categorizes, and adds even more tips to the long-running “Friday’s Tip of the Week” thread in the Cakewalk forums, which has amassed over a third of a million views since its inception in 2014. The Big Book of SONAR Tips is a direct result of users asking for an updated and expanded version of this credible resource.


Lance Riley, SONAR Product Manager, states that “Craig finds new and unique ways to use SONAR all the time, and this book embodies the very best of them. I wish I had this when I first started with SONAR. The Big Book of SONAR Tips is no ordinary documentation book—it’s more like a bag of tricks that can be used for any project. Anyone who wants to make better music, and do so more creatively, should own this book.”



The Big Book of SONAR Tips is available now from the Cakewalk store in PDF format for $14.95. Please visit here for more information.


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