Trilo – Exit Ticket / Panic Room

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Label: Bad Taste Recordings
Cat Number: BT053DD
Release Date:
6th January 2017

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Slovakian producer Trilo returns to Bad Taste with a technology driven single bringing gritty and grooving funk into the neuro realm. He brilliantly executes his style of blending theatrical atmospheric’s and signature sound-design with these two tracks.
EXIT TICKET takes you on a wave of machine like saws cutting a thick and heavy incision of serrated basslines, bringing a cinematic side stepping thriller of a track to the arena with deadly precision. PANIC ROOM takes on the role with a blend of mystical plucks and soundscape elements fusing hard hitting percussion and pulsating low end frequencies to stir up the dance floor.

With the current state of the world we live in, often feeling trapped behind technology and everyday life, it’s important to have a way out, an exit ticket of sorts…

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