DBHQ Interview with Control Change

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With a string of top quality Drum & Bass releases to their name and the huge success of the Club Mates album, we caught up with Control Change to talk about all things musical.


So first of all who is Control Change? 

Control Change is an Italian duo: Francesco (based in Prague) and Giulio (living in Milano)


Let’s start at the beginning, what was your introduction to Drum & Bass Music?

 I (Francesco) have started listening dnb back in early ’00. When I turned 18 I moved to Milano to study in a music school and in the city I’ve had the chance to attend for the first time a dnb party. It was love at first sight : from that moment on I’ ve started to exercise myself with turntables and djing. Production has come later.


I (Giulio) was into hip hop but I used to listen even dnb. I was into scratching and my interest was based in the technique for a lot of time. My passion for dnb was growing more and more because I was sourrounded by people and friends playing this genre.


What is your number one Drum & bass Classic and why?

For me (Francesco) is Lk from Dj Marky & XRS. It reminds me the good old time when I used to wait for vinyls arriving at the shop .

For me (Giulio) Ladies Night from Drumsound & Bassline Smith: it still sounds fresh!


How long have you both been producing?

I (Francesco) ‘ve start producing back in 2007: at the beginning it was a ragga jump up story J

I (Giulio) ‘ve start producing not so much time ago. It’s maybe 4 years


Let’s talk about what influences your original style of DnB production, Where would you say you get your inspiration from?

We’ve started producing illegal remixes just for fun: so at the beginning everything was around the sample. Now we work in a different way. We are focused on chords and harmony rules. The inspiration came from all the music we listen: Francesco is more into jazz and melodic music, Giulio is more into old school hip hop.


For the Tech heads out there, what hardware are you using, what are some of your favourite bits of equipment to get that signature Control Change sound?

We work “inthebox” ! We use Logic and Pro Tools. There is no magic potion J . We love using Massive, Sylenth, Serum


You have had major support from DJ’s around the world, When do you feel you started to get big support for you production?

One of our first bootleg was selected from K Mag as “best free download”:  thanks to them in one week a lot of people downloded it from our soundcloud and our page has started to gain a lot of new followers. In that moment we understood that we were not the only one enjoing our music


So your new release, the Club Mates 2 Album is on BNC Express, when is the album out?

The album is out from 5th December.



Where can people get the album?

Almost everywhere like here !! BNC Express is distributed by Triple Vision, one of the best in the market.


Any plans for DJ gigs coming up, or you locking yourself in the studio?

We are working a lot and dj together is not that easy since we live in different countries. We have some gigs coming but we will perform like Promenade and Trupak


Speaking of production, who else are you feeling production wise at the moment?

Dimension. Insane productions!


Where can people check you out on line?

On our SoundCloud page of course!


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today and I wish you all the best with the new album. 

Thank you for your interest in our music and for the support

Club Mates 2 by Control Change is out now and is available here

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