Toxin -Dollar Signs / Powers (Mammoth Muzik)

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After releasing the summer smasher Outta Space EP, Toxin steps up with another couple of bangers to round of the year for Mammoth Muzik.


First up we have a track filthy rich in bass which features a catchy well know vocal sample – Dollar Signs. The atmospheric intro is both haunting and captivating at the same time, with lush synth pads and sweeping effects that build up to crisp, punchy beats and a stuttering high pitched synth lead. This compliments the moody vocal and rolls along nicely to the drop which is pure dance floor devastation! When the bass kicks in, you’ll be throwing up your Benjamin’s as you shock out on the dance floor. This moody roller is a rich slice of drum and bass which rewards your ears!



Also we have Powers, a straight up steppy jump-up banger, aimed to do damage on the dance floor. The intro features classic movie samples which give way to manic springy synths, twisted bass stabs and tough driving beats with scattered percussion. The sample proclaims ‘new and terrifying powers of mind over matter’ – and this special banger will infect your mind and get you stomping  in the rave!




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