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Friction rounds off 2016 with what’s fast becoming an anthem in his DJ shows across the world. A clear look back to yesteryear but with both feet firmly in the here and now, ‘All Nite’ book marks the end of the year for Elevate Audio and paves the way for new signings and that all important Friction album come 2017.

“This summer I was sat in the studio and had one of those flashbacks to the time I first started going out to jungle raves and clubs. I’d been going through a load of old Moving Shadow, Suburban Base, Back To Basics and labels like that. I’ve got so many memories of managing to get into whatever club I could and this being my first experience of jungle and drum & bass.

Whenever I write a tune now, I try to set out an idea / theme to give me a direction of what I’m going to make. So this is what spurred me on to come up with ‘All Nite’, it’s a nod to that era of my life but at the same time it’s still very future and has been doing the damage in all my sets of late.”

On Elevate Audio… “People that listen to my Radio 1 show know I’m a huge fan of all styles of drum & bass and a lot of the time I find myself making more hi-energy music that might not necessarily sit so well within the Shogun sound. So realising the solution we decided to set up Elevate Audio as a platform that will run alongside Shogun allowing us to release more straight up, uncompromising, dance floor D&B.” Friction 2016

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