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Release:  25/11/16

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This dramatic EP opener builds through classical layers of mesmeric violins and cellos overlaid with the distant chatter of cosmonauts who cast their weary eyes in trepidation over a world on the brink. A momentary brief silence is broken by hammering beats and soaring bass that cut through a wall of sound. This could take us over the edge.


A soundtrack to the end of the world? Dead Of Night, the title track of the EP is one for the Headz! A dark, spooky, foreboding intro gives you a sense that something bad is going to happen, then… phenomenal monster drop! Heavy rasping b-line, pounding amens!



All of this is intertwined with razor like stabs & deep eerie moving pizzicatos that forge a deadly combination & a certain sense of dread… your worst nightmare? The end is surely nigh! A Time To Leave, from the darkness comes light and hope for a new dawn.


A very personal track for EON marking life changes, adventure, new beginnings and peace. Subtle light progression of hats and percussion chug along like an old steam engine along tracks into an unknown future. Positive, beautiful vibes with dampened piano, French horns, liquid pads & layers of subtle grainy texture.

Soothe you ears, relax and breathe! Somewhere Else  is a euphoric head in the clouds number which expresses surreal images & landscapes from those moments when your mind heads off into a dreamlike state. An intro through the ether, through the upper pure bright air just before heavenly chimes ring out!

Strong gliding basslines & rolling amens confidently carry us away to a place where we can lose ourselves. A way to ease the pressure… an escape?

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