Mainframe Recordings New Release: Darpa – Epidemic/Night Kin

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Darpa are newcomers to the Mainframe  team, two very talented guys from Hungary, bringing a very unique, alternative, energetic sound into the scene.

…It’s here, it’s contagious, it’ll destroy you…Epidemic!

The symptoms include heavy breathing, goose bumps, fidgeting legs and the immediate widening of pupils.

The rules are simple…. Everyone dies!

The track nicely plays with an aligned set of drums, unique harsh stabs and eerie high-octane synths, but the real effect cannot be described in terms of drums and kicks. Night King is an intriguing drum-funk-neuro mixture with a low base and heavy drums, creating trouble …he is coming…The Night King. The intro is scary, the track is dark and the beat is jungly enough to bring about the perfect vibe that transports you to the Haunted Forest and the Land of Always Winter…The Night King has found you…the only question is:

Can you wake up from the dream?



These two tracks, although not the same pace, gender, style, go along really well with each other, one makes the other even stronger.

Released: 11/11/16 – Beatport Exclusive
Released: 25/11/16
Label: Mainframe Recordings
Cat No: MFR083
Format: Digital Download

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