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Fresh off the back of the heinous half-time exploits of the ‘Ghosts EP’ and his Shades excursions, Alix returns with the fourth edition of the 1985 saga and it’s back up the BPM’s to deliver the ‘Numbers EP’. From the minimal, sinister runnings of ‘The Raven’ to the blissed out liquid soul of title track ‘Numbers’ featuring Benabu on vocals, the classic Perezian vibes shine through in spades making this another essential addition to the label.



“Starting my own imprint has been on the cards for a quite a while, and I feel now is the right time. My vision for the label is very solid; it’s is a platform rooted primarily in the 85 / 170 bpm bracket but also going beyond with no rules applied. I want to push and support good, forward thinking music that I believe represents the focus of 1985.”

Alix Perez 2016

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