FOURWARD – Expansion LP

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Austrian drum & bass production powerhouse Fourward get ready to release their debut LP ‘Expansion’ on Shogun Audio this autumn. Known for their heavy-hitting, no holds barred approach, Fourward throw down with their inimitable sound design in full force whilst exploring even further along roads less travelled. The results are staggering, from the dance floor ready ‘Sequencer’ to the heart-wrenching ‘Over’ through to the neck-breaking ‘Bite The Dust’ , ‘Expansion’ puts Fourward very firmly on the frontline of modern day D&B where they look set to stay for a long time to come.


“After over two years of development we are delighted to present our latest album ‘Expansion’. Beyond all our recent singles and EP’s we wanted to explore our sound, diversify with more melodic elements and vocals alongside our trademark hard-edged production, hence the album title ‘Expansion’ – broadening our sound and pushing the envelope even further. We have been fortunate to work with some amazing collaborators from East London grime MC Pep to the amazing René and the legendary Jakes, our friend and fellow countryman Mefjus, Shogun label mate Icicle and label boss Friction. Now it’s all completed we’re amazingly proud of what we’ve achieved, we simply cannot wait to show the world!” Fourward 2016

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The following tracks are available for download:

1. Fourward – Bite The Dust ft. Jakes
2. Fourward – Belly Of The Beast
3. Fourward & Friction – Run Your Mouth
4. Fourward – Empty Soul
5. Fourward – Beta Alpha Theta Delta
6. Fourward – Dewey
7. Fourward – Sequencer
8. Fourward – Over
9. Fourward – From East ft. Pep
10. Fourward & Mefjus – Everytime
11. Fourward – What If ft. René

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