I Have Doubled My Music Collection

I love listening to music. I am not one of those types who only listens to one type of music either. I listen to just about any genre, which makes me people shake their heads at me sometimes! I don’t care though, because music is a form of art. People express themselves in different ways, and I love hearing their stories through their music and lyrics. I have a pretty large music collection too, but I cannot take the credit at all for it. I downloaded probably over half of my music choices from mp3skull.com, which is a music website where people can download free MP3s.

The reason only half of my music is from there is because I had been collecting music for years prior to finding the site. Most of the good music I had before I started going to the skull site was purchased though, which really took a large chunk out of my expendable money every month. When music is a passion though, it is worth it. What is worth it even more though is when you can get the same type of music quality for free.

I would never have believed it possible if I hadn’t started doing it myself. I found the music website quite by accident, but now it is one that I visit at least four or five times a week. I have actually started listening to more international music because that is also available on this site. I had no idea that I would be able to double my music collection in just a couple of weeks, and at no cost to myself. I tell a lot of people about the site, because music is meant to be shared. If I can introduce someone to a new form of music, then my job is done for the day!