TR TACTICS – Illuminate/Dark Universe

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Released: 16/09/16 – Beatport Exclusive
Released: 30/09/16
Label: Mainframe Recordings
Cat No: MFR081
Format: Digital Download + FREE DOWNLOAD!
TR Tactics is back with their signature powerful sounds and iconic neuro-sounding drum and bass. Renewing their style the well-known Austrian duo is providing us with two tracks where everything is in place.


Illuminate is a track that either makes you run and run fast or it makes you lose your mind on the dance floor, either way you can’t sit calmly when it is blasting in your ears. The clean riffsand hard-hitting drums make this track the forerunner of neu-neuro, which would be a more popular family to the old neuro sounds. Illuminate juxtaposes the traditional sound design of neuro and a more minimalist build-up that makes it flow unstoppably.

Dark Universe on the other hand –nomen est omen- is more classical in the neurofunk sense, it takes us deep into the void, the non-observable, the mysterious. The drums are massive and the track nicely incorporates some techno vibe. The lengthened notes let the listener lose total control.
I can see Milla Jovovich’s determined face going against zombies, outnumbered… Total

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