Macky Gee presents: The Gravity EP Vol 1

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Macky Gee stands as a hugely recognizable name within drum & bass. Whether it’s being a staple on festival stages across the UK and Europe, or for creating some of the catchiest hooks within dance music, he’s carved himself into the genre’s forefront. And with that has come the launch of his own label, Down To Earth Musik, an imprint committed to presenting upfront music for the jump up heads. But with such commanding basslines and hard-riding riddims, you’re likely to be converted not matter what your tastes are… Especially on the dancefloor.

The artist himself has handpicked a number of newcomers to bring their sound into the spotlight. The first in ‘The Gravity’ EP series ties together the music which steadily boils in the underground, before creating mass destruction across crowds of thousands. There are some recognizable records which have lined sets recently, but also those which are soon to become favorites in track listings. Macky Gee packages them in a way which really solidifies his position as an influencer.



Spaow’s ‘Freak Your Body’ rolls out first. A slamming, high-frequency slab of bass with cranking drum loops, it’s slightly off-center yet misses none of the aggressiveness that makes jump-up so distinguishable. Undeniably bouncy, it holds you in its grip from start to finish. On the other side, Rowney & Propz give up their collaborative effort ‘Clampdown’, with ricocheting kick drum and intimidatingly cinematic sample. It’s a definite shoe stomper, one that’d be at home just as easily within a dimly lit club in London, or a stage in Europe’s biggest electronic music venue. Beware, because this EP bites from the start.

Modified Motion & Faction are already relatively established names within the scene. It makes perfect sense that their track ‘Blasted’ presents why this is the case. With jungle, old-school style breaks and creeping atmospherics, the cranking snare really gives the track an extra detonator. Complex’s ‘Lit’ follows the same pattern, still feeding an older style whilst merging that into the sound which has made Down to Earth Musik so identifiable. What really stands out is the hook; stabbing relentlessly through each loop pattern, prepare for all-out anarchy to unfold.

Ending the aural assault is Dextone’s ‘Riot’. Finishing with a bang, Dextone takes you further into the realms of jump-up before dropping you there amongst a metallic construction line of carefully layered beats. Acting as a crescendo for the full release, it leaves you reeling. One that’ll leave a taste in your mouth… One which will have you coming back for more.

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