Drum & Bass T Shirts & Hoodies are here!

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The new Drum & Bass T Shirts and Hoodie’s are finally here! Lovingly designed and hand screen-printed, the very limited edition Drum & Bass HQ garments are available from stockists from 1st September but you can get yours here right now!

This brand new minimal design T Shirt’s and Hoodie’s  were borne out of the Drum And Bass HQ “Drum & Bass & Heart & Soul” mix series.

Drum & Bass & Heart & Soul Tee’s being made

For every Drum & Bass HQ item of clothing sold we donate £1 to the Young Urban Arts Foundation which helps disadvantaged young people develop their skills and confidence through The Arts.drum & bass t shirts

The Young Urban Arts Foundation creates a safe space for young people to break free from the fears and barriers they face, showing by example that they can become whoever they want to be

Drum & Bass & Heart & Soul T Shirt

Drum & Bass & Heart & Soul hoodie

More about the Young Urban Arts Foundation 

Through Young Urban Arts Foundation workshops and programmes, young people may develop their creativity, skills and self-esteem, with many gaining the confidence to get into employment or further education, whilst others might overcome personal issues they may have.

They deliver our exciting workshops and programmes in the heart of communities using their unique Outreach Media Bus, or by bringing their staff and resources to schools, community centres, youth hubs or any venue that needs them.

Young Urban Arts Foundation workshops and programmes empower young people to express themselves and develop their talents in an exciting range of arts. From singing, rapping and songwriting to graphic design, cinematography and radio presenting.

We donate £1 from every sale of any of the Drum & Bass T Shirts or Hoodies to go towards helping the Young Urban Arts Foundation

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