Tracking Down Old Radio Songs

Sometimes it can be really hard to find old songs. When I was younger, I would record songs from the radio onto cassette tapes and listen to them over and over. The quality wasn’t as great as having my own store bought cassette or CD, but it was free. I found my old box of tapes weeks ago and listened through some of them. The quality of the tapes had gotten worse due to being in the attic for years. Some of these songs I was able to find on regular distribution sites, but others I used bursalagu to find them.

Even through songs have been available to purchase online for years, there are many songs that still can’t be bought online, either because the people who own the rights to that song refuse to put it online, or because they haven’t bothered to do it. Sometimes you can find these songs on old tapes that you buy at garage sales or the bargain bins of stores. In some cases, the songs can only be found on vinyl albums, and for someone who isn’t a regular collector of vinyl, it can be a chore to track down one of these albums and try to convert the song from analog to digital with a turntable and a computer.

Once I found all of the old songs that were recorded on the tapes, there was no reason for me to keep the tapes around. I didn’t need to reuse them, because I don’t record songs from the radio using tapes anymore. In the chance that I need to record something from the radio, I simply use an audio recorder with a jack and an SD card. I put the tapes in the recycling bin, so hopefully they’ll get turned into something useful in the future.