Noisia Rush Release Album + Debut Outer Edges Show Recap Video

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Dutch electronic music trio, Noisia, have this week been forced to rush release their long awaited new album, ‘Outer Edges’, after it leaked and appeared online last Friday night. The band were made aware ten minutes before they unveiled their debut ‘Outer Edges’ audio visual show at the Czech Republic’s Let It Roll festival (watch the recap video below).

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The earliest opportunity to make ‘Outer Edges’ available on all DSPs and streaming services was today, Friday 5th August. The 18-track album is their first in six years and was originally scheduled for release on 16th September. Earlier this week the band and their label, Vision, made ‘Outer Edges’ available on their own webstore . Vinyl and CD versions of the album will still be released on 16th September.


Footage has now been released for their ‘Outer Edges’ performance at Let It Roll:


Friday Night, while we were in the final minutes of setting up the stage for our first ever Outer Edges show, we received the news that our album had been leaked. We think you can imagine how bad we felt at that moment :'(

We realise it’s 2016, and things like these happen all the time. Still, it’s quite a setback. All the plans we’ve made have to be scrapped and replaced by something less ideal, because we have to react to this unfortunate situation.

So far in releasing this album, we’ve made a conscious effort to make every track that’s available somewhere, available everywhere. If you pre-ordered the album on Itunes or our webstore, you received the new track the same day it was first premiered on Soundcloud. We believe that users of all platforms should be able to listen to our music pretty much the minute it’s available anywhere else. In this philosophy, the availability of our whole album on illegal download sites means that we have to make it available on all platforms.

So here’s our reaction:

We have immediately changed all our previous plans and made the whole album available to buy on our webstore right now. All other digital platforms will follow this Friday August 5th, that was the quickest date we could manage. The physical products (Vinyl/CD/Merch) are still in production so their release date will remain September 16th.

Even though we are unhappy about this leak, we’re still really happy with the music. We really hope you will enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.


Thijs, Martijn, Nik

  1. Thanks to whoever leaked our album, next time please do it after the album is out, maybe we can coordinate? Oh wait, that wouldn’t really be leaking… And besides, we don’t negotiate with terror..leaking persons. No, instead we will fold, and adjust our entire strategy. Take that! We hope you get stung by a lot of mosquitoes this summer, and maybe also next summer.



With a peerless reputation and countless awards under their belts, Noisia have transcended their genre and grown into a phenomenon in their own right. Drum & bass is at the core of Noisia’s sound, but Nik, Martijn, and Thijs’s visceral brand of electronic music has always ventured further, and the trio have continuously pushed boundaries through their own music and via collaborations with artists like Amon Tobin. This attitude extends outside of the studio and into the curation of the Noisia Invites events and their DJ shows, where they share stages with the likes of Skrillex, Andy C, Gaslamp Killer and Chase & Status.


Expert sound design is inherent to all of Noisia’s work and they use complex and intricate production techniques to create music that draws an unconstrained, palpable energy from dancefloors and festival arenas alike. In this respect, ‘Outer Edges’ pulls no punches, there are no concessions to daytime radio d&b, no singer-songwriter top-lines, and any vocal elements are twisted out of shape (the superb ‘Tentacles’ is testament to this). ‘Outer Edges’ shows Noisia in uncompromising form; ‘Collider’, ‘Anomaly’, ‘Mantra’, and ‘Get Deaded’ are four heavy dancefloor cuts alone on an album that moves from their signature neurofunk to the more experimental edges of their sound via tracks like ‘Stonewalled’, ‘Miniatures’, ‘Exavolt’, and ‘Sinkhole’.


Noisia recently launched their ‘Outer Edges’ tour at Poland’s Let It Roll, and the trio’s new audio visual touring concept, featuring their biggest production to date, will be hitting the following European festivals from late July, Sziget, Pukkelpop, Lowlands, SW4, Outlook, and a newly announced headline show during ADE at Melkweg (21/10). Further ‘Outer Edges’ shows, plus Noisia DJ dates, will be announced soon.


NOISIA SAID: “It’s called Outer Edges because it’s us exploring the outer edges of what Noisia, the three of us together, is. It’s about the idea that all the songs are little islands that we take to their individual edge… They’re all like expeditions to far sides. That doesn’t mean that it’s everything; it’s just that every song, if it goes in a certain direction, we’ve taken it all the way there. There are no real concessions – we haven’t been super DJ-friendly or radio-friendly at all. We’ve done no collaborations and hardly any vocals on the album.”

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16-08-2016 Sziget Festival Hungary

19-08-2016 Pukkelpop Festival Belgium

21-08-2016 Lowlands Festival The Netherlands

27-08-2016 SW4 Festival United Kingdom

02-09-2016 Outlook Festival Croatia

21-10-2016 Melkweg/ADE The Netherlands

More dates to be announced…



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