D Product’s Top Ten Full Cycle Tracks

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To celebrate D Product’s release of The Chronos Circuit EP on Full Cycle Records, we got a run down on his top ten best ever Full Cycle Tracks! Enjoy.

11:55 – Roni and Die

All about the breaks on this one , and sampler looping you just can’t recreate in software

Soul In Motion , Krust
Its a classical piece of music ,an arrangement , a movement you get total immersion

Output – Suv

3/4 done with a 4/4 vibe , and the sub is vast

Clear Skyz – Die

Classic Dj Die roller love this track

Snapshot – Roni

What can I say ?

26 Bass – Roni

All i’m saying is snare drum

Klokin Device – Krust

Dirty bass and amens rolling proper and the vocal is classic Krust

Hey DJ – Kamanchi

Classic jungle vibes

Cocoa – Clipz

Guaranteed to make people move one of the best party tunes in my opinion

Bounce The Bass – D Product and Surge

Had to get this one in I remember myself and Surge starting and finishing this track in a


D Product- The Chronos Circuit is out now

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