High Roll – Reverser EP

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Label: Formation Records

Release: 19th August 2016

This is the fourth release from the Bulgarian duo at Formation Records. This time it is with three exclusive tracks – “Reverser”, “ARP” & “Jazz Noir feat. NC-17”.

High Roll are Dimo Panguelov and Martin Popov. They are certainly among the most emblematic artists on the Bulgarian electronic scene. The climax of over 15 years of musical advance ripens into a logical subsequent step – the formation of the project High Roll.


The boys are now exclusively signed for the legendary drum and bass label Formation Records. With DJ SS’s solid imprint, the duo released three EPs – “It’s You EP”, “Roots Sound EP”, “Acid Chain EP” and participated with tunes for all of the major compilations at Formation Records in the past few years. All of their tunes are difficult to define, in terms of genre, yet, teasing the ears with a tasteful mixture of drum and bass, jazz, deep and rolling themes.


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