Cirrus: No Matter / Originals

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Terabyte’s twenty-eighth release sees a return from the popular producer from across the pond, Cirrus. Since his last release on the label, Ian has branched out with releases on Nurtured Beatz, AutomAte Deep, and more recently his own imprint Terra Null Recordings. His approach has always been minimal and deep, and ‘No Matter / Originals’ is no departure from that; his signature sound powers through with more strength than ever.

The A-side, ‘No Matter’ is a full-blown stepper punctuated by fidgety breaks and eerie pads. The listener is drawn in and entranced by the ominous soundscape; think Samurai Music in its droves.

The B-side, ‘Originals’ is much of the same. Aggravated patois vocals atop a weighty sub-bass and accompanying drum work that is so easily identifiable as Cirrus.

As the Terabyte catalogue numbers rise higher and higher, so too does the quality of the work those numbers catalogue. Cirrus’ production levels are continually receiving praise from all corners of electronica, and this single represents Terabyte’s continuing vision to push deserving standard-bearers of sound production into the limelight.

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