London Elektricity – Are We There Yet? The Med School Scans

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In 2015 London Elektricity surprised us all with his first album in over five years. ‘Are We There Yet?’ more than deserved its influx of praise, now the Med School team has taken on the label boss’ latest masterpiece. The ‘Med School Scans’ LP examines, dissects and transforms each track, injecting every member’s unique persona into the critically acclaimed original.
Etherwood, Keeno and Anile compliment London Elektricity’s originals with class, elevating each into majestic adaptations. Whiney and S.P.Y keep up the funk of ‘Tenderless’ and ‘Why Are We Here?’ while seeping through heavier subs and thicker percussions. Frederic Robinson creates an epic, dreamlike state with his rendition of ‘Seven Days To Live’.
Royalston and Rawtekk don’t hold back, their reconstructions of ‘Tone Poem’ and ‘Telefunken Lizard Filter’ move from jazz and soul to depth and darkness. The LP also features members of The Erised with Hidden Element taking ‘Parallax’ to a whole other level.

Outside of the Med School alumni, we’ve got up and comers GLXY with a sublime half-time trip on ‘Artificial Skin’. Kimyan Law keeps things crisp, finely tuning ‘That Thing You Did’ and Subwave falls deep into a whirlpool of Emer Dineen’s luscious vocals in his portrayal of ‘Phase Us’.
All 15 tracks in this remix LP keep hold of the London Elektricity essence yet spread the sound further across either end of the drum & bass spectrum. With ten years already behind them, Med School continue to push forward as a strong, independent player exploring every corner of drum & bass with their diverse roster of talented artists.
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