Leaf – Monsoon EP

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Rainfall and devastation puns aside, the ‘Monsoon’ EP is currently causing a commotion on dance floors across the globe. A producer fresh from the Serial Killaz stable, Leaf is not only bringing fresh beats to the masses, he’s also smashing it on the DJ circuit.

From dirty rolling beats to simplistic steppy breakbeats this EP is a collective of modern jump up at it’s finest. Coupled with Leaf’s trademark snare and clever production techniques this collection of tunes is certainly sticking with the ‘less is more’ formula and boy it works!

The EP’s title track ‘Monsoon’ has already been battered by the likes of DJ Hype, TC, Voltage, T>I, Nicky Blackmarket and Serial Killaz and is certainly setting the trend for the new era of rough, rugged and raw jump up. It’s one of those tunes that can easily stand on it’s on but drop it with something equally as heavy and you’re onto a crowd battering frenzy. Incoming reload!

Cinematic, glitch ridden beats and huge dirty basslines can be found in abundance with ‘Wu-Style’ and talking of dirty basslines, ‘Gunman’ is really something else. Picture a squat rave with 10,000 bass bins and double the amount of mucky ravers and you get the idea.

This EP is 100% no filler, all 4 tunes stand the test of time and considering how fast our scene is moving, that’s a big statement.

The beats on this EP are so tough you may just need protective knee pads in the dance!



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