Marvellous Cain – Rebel Salute EP

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Release: 25th July 2016

The biggest Don in the game, and one of the original and best, Marvellous Cain is back once again on his Riq Yardrock label. This time around, he has six hot tunes to deliver on the Rebel Salute EP, which features not only solo tracks, but also collaborations with Dan I Issachar & Kelly and Randy Valentine.
Yardrock is all about embracing the style of the reggae sound system into a jungle dancehall collective, accomplished through energy, music and entertainment. Pulling in other DJs and performers, they’ve taken the show on the road to Outlook, Boomtown, Kool London, Ruff Tempo and beyond.The EP opens with the bouncing flow of Gods & Kings, which sees Cain in classic form from the start. Raging breaks and flashes of electro start things off, before touches of reggae reveal themselves. Never resting for one moment, this one is all about the energy of the rave. Soak it in, it feels good. Movement features Dan I & Kelly, and continues the vibe.
Celebrating the joys of music and collective action, it’s impossible not to love this one. Heavyweight bass and uplifting vocals contribute to one hell of a party tune. This is the sound of the summer, live and direct to you.



Cain’s Johnny Dollar gets a killer GunMan remix next, with switching, cutting breaks and a seriously addictive b-line. Pulsing, pushing, this is a slightly different take on the RIQ sound, but one which works equally well. Essential. As is Sound Di Alarm, which includes vocals from Randy Valentine. Encapsulating everything you love about the music and the label, the track is a call to arms and a reminder of the power of jungle. Immerse yourself in the track, and make sure you Sound Di Alarm.
Call for the Regulators next, as Cain flexes out to the fullest. You’ll know the sample, but Marv deals with this one in a totally new way. Don’t sleep, this is the baddest. The closing cut is the majestic Hot Beer, with its rolling, punchy beats and mellow, stirring atmosphere. A perfect end to a perfect EP, Riq Yardrock and Marvellous Cain are back in effect.

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